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10 Things You Shouldn't Forget to Register For
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In the midst of all the excitement of getting engaged, many couples fall into the path of designing a “common registry” filled with all of the usual, wedding registry suspects. (We see you, cookie trays and blenders.) While basics are absolutely necessary, wedding registries are a time to get creative and let your guests know what you’d really love to have versus what you might need.


Home Décor
Some of the most uncommonly registered for items are home décor and accessories. It’s easy to forget these pieces, but things like framed artwork, flower vases, and accent pillows can make a huge difference when you’re trying to turn a house into a home.

We Love: Mud Australia Vases, Embroidered Accent Pillows


Oftentimes couples underestimate how many sets of dinnerware they will actually need, and end up registering for too few sets. We recommend registering for at least 12 sets; that way you’ll have enough salad and dessert plates to make it through an entire evening without having to pull out the paper plates, or worse, rewashing before the final course!

We Love: Reichenbach Taste Blue Collection


Barware and drink service has climbed the ladder on wedding registry essentials. Stocking up on barware items (like martini glasses, decanters, ice tongs, and even a bar cart) early in the registry is the way to go.

We Love: Match Pewter Bar Collection, Simon Pearce Pitchers


Serving Items
Multi-functional pieces like round serving dishes, large bowls, and various-sized trays are so important in every registry. Used every day or for weekend events, trays and serving bowls are essential for bringing dishes to potlucks, holidays at your in-laws, and other celebrations.

We Love: Mariposa Serving Trays & Platters, Astier de Villatte Serving Trays


Items like soup tureens, lazy susans, centerpieces, and fine china are commonly forgotten on wedding registries. It’s not until you need a cake stand that you remember to get one! Larger showstoppers often come in a range of prices, too, so having an array of these pieces on your registry is a good idea. Fine china is also making a comeback; especially lines like Prouna that are dishwasher safe, and drop-dead gorgeous.

We Love: Pizza Boards, Punch Bowls, Prouna Fine Bone China, and Reichenbach Dinnerware


Top of the Line Cutlery
Quality cutlery, like fine china, is one of those things that will be a lasting addition to your new family, especially if you enjoy cooking and baking.

We Love: Berti Colliterie


Picture Frames
Similar to home décor and accessories, picture frames are highly underrated when it comes to wedding registries. But why spend thousands of dollars on a professional photographer to capture your big day when you don’t have anywhere to display the end product?

We Love: Match Pewter Frames, Rablabs Frames


These days, many couples live together before their big day, so it’s not unusual that they are already equipped with many of the essentials. Even if you already have a toaster, blender, duvet set, or tool box, it’s smart to register for items you know will last longer.

We Love: Le Jacquard Francais Napkins, Tablecloths, and Placemats


Hobby Items
While asking for necessities is appropriate, don’t forget to add in pieces that you will enjoy together! Items that can be used for hobbies or weekend getaways can be a fun gift to give, and even more, the purchaser will know that you will use it and enjoy it.

We Love: Europe2You and Picnic Baskets


Gift Cards
A practical alternative to gifts would be gift cards (or cash!). Registering for store credit is great for couples who are moving or in transition mode. Hassle-free and just as appreciated, gift cards are always welcome to the party.

We Love: Tabula Tua Gift Cards



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