What's New: Nambé

Recognized for their award-winning designs, Nambé pieces have continued to set the bar high for dining and kitchen accessories for the past 60 years. Now introducing their Forte Collection, focused on mixed-media styles of alloy and concrete.Nambé Forte Personally, I have a hard time decorating my home and finding pieces that match my current decor, however- Nambé is so versatile and sleek that it fits just about any space. I love the unique use of the bowls as a way to display succulents, which compliments an older stone fireplace mantel nicely with a slightly modern touch. Nambé Forte Now I am excited to entertain guests with these sleek designs. My friends just couldn't get enough of the dip-filled condiment trio! This line is not only artistic, but functional with a smooth design that has thermal properties, allowing it to retain cold temperatures when chilled. Smart in style, these pieces will each serve a function in your day while bringing a modern touch to the home.
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