Nambe Dinnerware Serveware & Barware

Now introducing; Nambé! One of our newest additions to Tabula Tua, Nambé began in New Mexico in the 1950s and is known for its timeless beauty, functionality, and quality artistry. Handcrafted from a unique metal alloy each piece was designed for the modern lifestyle. Nambé makes museum-quality art a part of daily life, combining fine materials with hand craftsmanship and design from the world's most esteemed designers.

Drift Large Bowl W/ Servers

Drift Condiment Server

Cheese Block W/ Knife and Spreader

Mikko Bar Tray

Pebble Handled Tray

Curvo Wine Rack

Scoop Ice Bucket

Oceana Clam Chip & Dip

Bella Triple Condiment

Bella 18" Platter

Fruit Tree Bowl

Oceana Seafood Forks S/4

Swoop Cheese Board W/ Knife

Anvil Salad Bowl W/ Servers

Out of stock

Butterfly Cheese Tray W/ Knife

Braid Condiment Server

Braid Serving Tray

Bulbo Tea Canister w/Scoop

Bulbo Coffee Canister w/Scoop

Mikko Ice Bucket W/ Tongs

Scoop Server

Copper Canyon Bowl 10"

Yaro Salad Bowl W/ Servers

Braid Centerpiece Bowl

Kurl Sugar and Creamer

Duet Oil & Vinegar

Butterfly Salad Bowl W/ Servers

Harmony Cheese Board W/ Knife

Loop Towel Holder

Oceana Coral Salad Bowl W/ Servers

Blend Bread Board W/ Knife - 17.5"

Harmony Chip & Dip

Butterfly Bowl - 9"

Infinity Cheese Board W/ Knife

Bella Chip & Dip

Braid Serving Board W/Dipping Dish - 18"

Butterfly Chip & Dip

Anvil Scroll Bowl - 9"

Triple Condiment Server

Bella Wood Handled Tray - 18"

Stinger Honey Pot

Yaro Salad Bowls (Set of 4)

Nara Salad Bowl w Servers by Nambe

Braid Chip & Dip by Nambe

Anvil Scroll Salad Bowl W/ Servers by Nambe

Tilt Bar Tray by Nambe

Tilt Wine Chiller by Nambe

Skye Sugar & Creamer Set by Nambe

Out of stock

Curvo Colander

Tilt Wine Coaster by Nambe

Tri-Corner Candlesticks by Nambe

Skye Wood Charger by Nambe

Kissing Salt & Pepper Shakers by Nambe

Forte Bowl - 10" by Nambe

Forte Bowl - 8" by Nambe

Forte Paper Towel Holder by Nambe

Forte Salt & Pepper Shakers by Nambe

Forte Wine Chiller by Nambe

Forte Wine Coaster by Nambe

Forte Candlesticks by Nambe

Forte Ice Bucket w/ Tongs

Forte Condiment Trio

SixtyFive Chip & Dip

Out of stock

Reindeer Candy Dish

Nara Ice Bucket w/ Scoop

Novo French Rolling Pin

SixtyFive Cheese Board w/ Knife

Morphik Chip & Dip

Scoop Server Mini

Snowman Cheese Board W/ Top Hat Spreader

Miniature Nativity - Animals

SixtyFive Chip & Dip

SixtyFive 65 Bowl

Cradle Salt & Pepper Shakers

Braid Salad Bowl W/ Servers

Klasp Cocktail Shaker

Pebble Tablet Stand W/ Stylus by Nambe

Skye Wood Tiered Dessert Stand by Nambe

Kyoto Teapot by Nambe

Geo Seder Plate by Nambe

Hava Cookie Jar by Nambe

Gifu Canister – 7.5” by Nambe

Gifu Canister – 9” by Nambe

Gifu Canister – 10.5” by Nambe

Out of stock

Meridian Tea Kettle - Red by Nambe

Meridian Tea Kettle - White by Nambe

Meridian Tea Kettle - Black by Nambe

Ridge Coffee Pod Carousel by Nambe

Bulbo Kettle by Nambe

Chirp Kettle by Nambe

Tulip Tool Jug w/ Tools by Nambe

Eco Handled Cheese Board W/ Knife by Nambe

Eco Centerpiece Bowl - 11" by Nambe

Skye Wood Centerpiece Bowl by Nambe

Infinity 2-Piece Server by Nambe

Anvil Tray - 20" by Nambe

Carve & Serve Station - 22" by Nambe

Eco Rose Bowl - 7" by Nambe

Pebble 7-Piece Salad Set by Nambe

Nambé Football by Nambe

POP Colours Accent Plates (Set of 4) by Nambe

POP Colours Mugs (Set of 4) by Nambe

POP Colours Small Bowls (Set of 4) by Nambe

POP Colours 4-Piece Place Setting – Sand by Nambe

POP Colours 4-Piece Place Setting – Chalk by Nambe

POP Colours 4-Piece Place Setting – Slate by Nambe

POP Colours 4-Piece Place Setting – Ocean by Nambe

Skye 4-Piece Place Setting by Nambe

Copper Canyon Bowl 6"

Copper Canyon Trinket Box