Michigan “Mitten” Skillet

Introducing a new 2016 arrival to our Skillet Family lineup:  “The Mitten” skillet. Now you can enjoy the look and taste of Michigan in all of it’s high-fiving glory !

Be the person to have the hot new item on the table at the tailgating party for football season. Turn many heads with an L.P. shaped potluck casserole for summer cookouts. Stylize your Thanksgiving yams, sculpt your Christmas potatoes, heap in shredded pork and party with a Mitten styled  dessert! Any of your favorite regional dishes will now claim “home-made glory” when served in this beautifully functional,ultra smooth pre-seasoned Michigan skillet. Double high-fives to that, Michiganders! Welcome home to your new and very adorable mitten-style skillet.

FAQ: What happened to the “UP” ?

ANSWER: Rest assured! The “UP” has not been forgotten, ignored or refused.  The L.P. Michigan skillet is simply the first of two special skillets for the state of Michigan. The decision to separate the two unique land features from each other was a choice of functionality, logistics and utility for the final design concept on the Michigan skillet.

The “UP” will be its own special pan, with its own special debut one day down the road.

Product Description


Estimated Weight: 6 lbs

Estimated Food volume: 3.5 cups

Cooking Dimensions: 9″ x 5″ *approximate scale from North-to-South, and East-to-West on the state

Is it Pre-seasoned?: Yes!  We pre-season all of our skillets with organic flax oil.

Special Features:  The side walls of the L.P. cast iron Michigan skillet are .25″ taller  than our previous skillet designs, offering more room to heap on the servings and fill up on food-love inside the pan.

Additional Information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 12 x 3 in
Order Options:

Just the Skillet $125, Skillet with Magnetic Holder $150


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